• Mentorship
  • Transformation of retiring sportsman
  • Life balance – our philosophy
  • Team building
  • Fun team building
  • High-performance program
  • Schools program – substance abuse
  • Food addiction
  • Safe supplements
  • Antidoping education
  • We are proud to provide a broad array of high-quality services.
1. High-Performance Programme and Team Building:
Aimed at the high performing professional sportsman / woman – this course focuses on providing a key set of skills to ensure sustained high performance.
2. Transformation Programme for athletes preparing for their second career:
To provide support and skills to those who are embarking on their
“second innings”and equip them with continuing the journey of redefining success.
3. Support and education around substance abuse (Performance
enhancing drugs inc.)
4. Workshops on various tops for schools and corporates:
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